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So basically I won this kindle and I don’t think I’m going to really use it, and I thought I might as well do a little give away for my followers?

If you win you will get: 

- The Kindle shown in the pictures above
- a hot water bottle 
- £10-£15 worth of British chocolate and/or sweets (you choose them) 
- some e books.. 

The Ebooks I’ve put on the Kindle so far are:

  • The Hobbit
  • The Lord of The Rings Trilogy 
  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • Looking for Alaska 
  • Game of Thrones (#1-5)
  • Hannibal Trilogy 
  • Les Miserables 
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy 
  • the Harry Potter books
  • (there is also an option for 1,000 free books at random) 


  1. must be following me and Evie (she’s helped to fund this) I will check. Your names will be added an extra two times for following us both.
  2. Only reblogs count and you can reblog it as many times as you like 
  3. feel free to ask me any questions if there is anything you’d like to know 

CLOSES ON 13th JUNE 2014 at midnight because that’s my last exam date (and freedom, bitches) 

Tell me your favourite book and for every 500 notes this gets I will add another book chosen from the ones you tell me!

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